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Introduction by Teun J. de Ruiter, The Netherlands

Reinhard Bonnke and I have kept in contact with each other since we met in the early sixties as students at the Bible College of Wales in Swansea, South Wales. We have met at several occasions since and worked together. It is my joy and privelege to publish about his great evangelistic ministry, drawing the greatest masses of all Church History. I can truthfully say about him that the Holy Spirit's fire of an evangelist burns even brighter in him than years ago.

Teun J. de Ruiter (publisher of this Site; the Netherlands)

Great picture of Crusade Crowd in stadium

A report by R. Bonnke

Dear Revival Partner!

'He who sleeps in harvest is a son that causes shame;' Proverbs 10:5.

After a lifetime of evangelism, I am stunned by what I am now witnessing. A dramatic rise is taking place in response to the Gospel, putting all we have previously seen into the shade.

The present news, in bare facts, is this - in three weeks of CfaN campaigning a staggering two and a half million people signed decision cards for salvation.

In three cities, Benin, Port Harcourt and Calabar, day after day, hundreds of thousands, in sweltering heat, not a soul leaving, have stood gripped by the Holy Spirit for about 2 hours. while I preached the Gospel. The voices of 400,000 at once calling upon Jesus for salvation, that is the kind of thing I am talking about. It feels like the whole world being saved.

The effects are staggering not only in terms of eternal salvation, but even socially. Individuals, families, whole cities are changed, police charts for the incidence of crime plunge downward, and ancient hatreds melt away. Centuries of labour, prayer and sacrifice by workers, saints and martyrs are coming to fruition. Jesus said 'Other men laboured and ye are entered into their labours'. They sowed, NOW WE HAVE THE PRIVILEGE OF BEING THE HARVESTERS. That is what it is all about.

Not only is the Holy Spirit at work in salvation, but also in the Baptism. On the Day of Pentecost, it was 120, but now we saw and heard 500,000, four thousand times as many all at the same moment baptised in the Holy Spirit, speaking with tongues. Was there ever a more wonderful sound?

Churches are now immersed in a gigantic follow-up programme. The vital link is the salvation manual 'Now That You Are Saved', handed by counsellors to each convert personally. People sign and complete the decision section, so there can be after-care of every newly born-again individual. Not a single manual is ever wasted. People carry them around, read and re-read, and pass them to friends and relations, the booklet is a real instrument of the Holy Spirit

Jesus said 'I will make you fishers of men'. The overwhelming boatload of fish Jesus gave the fishermen of Galilee was a sign and measure of that promise. It is being fulfilled for us. He also commanded 'Bring of the fish which ye have now caught!' That is, let nothing be lost. The fishermen had to call for other boats to come and help. I find myself under the same obligation. I cry for help! Apart from the basic campaign costs, the only way for after-care of this multitude of new believers is by EXTRA support. That is specifically for the cost of the Salvation Manual.

I have just paid the printing bill for over three million copies as funds came in. We do trust God, there is no denomination to fall back upon. CfaN is handmaid to millions who pray for world revival and we take the practical steps laid down in the New Testament to make revival possible.

Yet, what we have seen is only the beginning. We are planning to be in LAGOS, a city of over 10 million souls, November 21-26 2000. Believing God for the continued outpouring of His Spirit, campaign results could mean we shall need 4 million copies of the Salvation Manual, plus another two million at the next crusade at ENUGU, that is 6 million in two campaigns. For production and logistics each manual costs 20 US cents (13.5 UK pence). The printing presses have had to begin rolling because of time. In faith I have already committed myself to a bill for printing and carriage amounting to $1.2 million (£640,000). For this huge production printers need cash.

Revival is harvest time, not a workers 'holiday time.' "He who sleeps in harvest is a son that causes shame," says Proverbs. Jesus saves, but He chose to reach the world through those He sent - you and me. God wants us to share the joy of His work. I wonder how long will this unprecedented Gospel success last? Satan hates it and in the past has fomented even hostilities to stop times of Gospel success.

If you want to prove God and His promises, consider this. Jesus said 'Whosoever shall give a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no way lose his reward.' The principle is that those who give for evangelism will receive the same reward as the evangelist.

Each follow-up booklet costs only 20 cents. That includes all the preparation work such as translations, printing and then the shipping to the crusade site as well. What a great opportunity. 20 cents is not much, but we have to order 6,000,000 booklets (with costs of to $ 1,200,000). The Lord has provided in the past and He will do so again, but He works through you and me. Will you please do your part? Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart today.

Just imagine, for $1, - you can feed 5 precious newborn babes with the "milk of God's Word". $25, - will feed 125 newborn babes in Christ. $50, - will feed 250. With a gift of $500, - you can feed 2,500 of your "new-born" brothers and sisters. $1,200. - will feed 6,000 babes in Christ! You can do the math and know what your step of faith and ACTION will ensure. Help us, today, to provide for growth and lasting miracles in the lives of these precious newborn souls. Nothing can take its place. If you wish you may act immediately by using the attached CREDITCARD facility. Use the link underneath. As soon as the money is received you will hear from us. It would be a mighty answer to prayer.

Yours in His love and service, Reinhard Bonnke, Evangelist

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