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  A life and ministry worth to support

      By Andrew de Ruiter (son of Teun & Tessa de  Ruiter)

My Father, Teun de Ruiter, had in 2010 already fifty years of Christian ministry behind him. He grew up in a Dutch Reformed family, was born again in february 1959 and received a little later a call to the ministry. First he was engaged in evangelism in the Dutch Royal Airforce and on the streets of the Hague in public. In January 1960 he went to South Wales where he began with studies at the Bible College of Wales in Swansea. During his studies he and evangelist Reinhard Bonnke became friends and this friendship has continued till today. After his studies in Swansea he went to Brynmawr, a village high in the mountains of South Wales and fell in love with Tessa Thomas. They married in September 1963 in the Baptist Chapel Tabor. I was born there in in January 1967. In the Spring of  1967 they moved to Holland.

The ministry of my father developed after finishing his studies from freelance preaching and teaching in Great Britain and Germany to teaching at the Pentecostal Bible School (Centrale Pinkster Bijbelschool) in The Hague. He worked there in teaching and leadership till 1994. In 1990 he was invited with Tessa to become the Pastor of the Pentecostal Church Elim in the town of Hilversum. Now , at 72 years of age in 2010, they feel after twenty years of pastoral ministry, that they should resign, in June 2011 - just before they reach the age of 73 years -  as pastors. However, they want to continue to work in the ministry in whatever way the Lord will want to use them. My father will try to continue to work in the electronic communication of his ministry through e-mail an internet. Through his publications in the English language he reaches people everywhere in the world.

As there has not been sufficient income to provide for a full old age pension, I invite you to help my father and mother with a free gift, if possible, a monthly one. But every incidental gift is of course also much appreciated. For this reason I founded this Dutch Foundation 'Support Christian Ministries.' For people living in Holland it is interesting to know that their gifts are tax deductible as the Foundation is ANBI recognized by the Tax Office.

I thank you for your attention and interest in my father and mother,
Yours sincerely,
Andrew C. de Ruiter, president

24 november 2010, 15 January 2011

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